When You Go Straight from “Can You Help Me?” to “You’re Dead to Me,” You Miss an Opportunity Over the past month I have had the same experience, in varying iterations, no fewer than 3 times.  Sounded like a topic for a blog post to me. Here’s what’s… Read More
“Ask Yourself the Following Question, but Do Not Answer…” It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I started my yoga therapy training. One guided meditation we do again and again, (after some guided movement) is, “Ask yourself… Read More
Diagnose Like a Doctor–Without all that Pesky Med School A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with a sales team. Part of my remit was to help them respond to comments (complaints…) with greater finesse (patience….) … Read More
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“It’s Not Personal…” Um, Yes, It Is “It’s Not Personal…” Um, Yes, It Is A client recently asked what to do about a colleague who was taking a work conflict personally. “But it is personal,” I responded.  … Read More
B(e) O(n) S(ame) S(ide)   I was recently asked by a client, “What traits evoke executive presence?” I love questions whose answers vary wildly depending on who is doing the answering. While I await… Read More
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