Ready Or Not “Ready ENOUGH—Here I Come!”

Depending on your age, hearing someone shout, “Ready or not, here I come!” will have you crouching behind the nearest piece of furniture, determined not to be the first one found during a game of hide-and-seek.

The other day I found a piece of sea glass that—while not worn to its full opalescence—had done some time in the sea.

“Hmm,” I said to myself, “ready enough!”

Which got me thinking about the importance of embracing “Ready enough” in moments when I am filled with self-doubt, suffering from imposter syndrome, or wanting to—in the spirit of that childhood game—run and hide.

Because—based on experience—if I wait until I feel *absolutely* ready to do something, it’s unlikely I’ll do anything.

Which brings me to the photos, above.

Keith and I have been talking for some time about adding to our family. Then, in a 24-hour span, we got two phone calls…

First came the call about Floyd. A nearby boa constrictor whose owner had passed away suddenly.

Then a nearby puppy needed a home. Immediately. Come get her today.

I can report that Joni (Inspired by Joni Mitchell, with godmothers: Joan of Arc, Joan Didion, and Joan Armatrading) will be staying with us.


We re-homed Floyd! (And may I say, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried to re-home a boa constrictor.)

I’d be lying if I said we felt *absolutely* ready for her arrival or for finding Floyd his forever home.

And if we had waited, we would have missed two beautiful opportunities.

Given this, the next time you find yourself hesitating on the precipice of a great opportunity, I recommend—externally or internally—bolstering your confidence by shouting,

“Ready ENOUGH. Here I come!”


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