Are You Doing New Things in an Old Way?

Dear Former Wow-of-the-Week’ers—Now Intrepid Here-and-Wow’ers,

It’s wonderful to reconnect! I’ve missed being in touch with you.

As you may remember, my last post outlined some of the ways I thought my new, ongoing yoga therapy education could beneficial to you, as well as to me.

Shall we find out if it might?

Part of the work I’ve been, and will be, doing is learning how to recognize different patterns in myself and others—physical patterns, mental patterns, emotional patterns– and then ask, “Does this pattern serve me? Is it authentic to who I am or is it something I’ve inherited/had thrust on me?”

What I’ve been discovering is how many things I’ve been doing based on patterns of which I was completely unaware.

Completely. Unaware.

And while it’s brought me up short more than once, my overall takeaway has been delight.

Because now I can actually choose my thoughts and actions, rather than having them chosen for me by kooky grooves in my brain.

(At least that’s what I’m trying to do…)

What’s been helpful to me—and what I hope will be helpful to you—is to keep asking myself,

“Am I doing new things in an old way? Can I—instead—do this new thing in a new way?”

Let’s look at a work example.

Perhaps you’ve started a new job and think your colleagues are aloof. You felt the same at your old job and so, made a habit of packing your lunch and finding a quiet spot to read during your lunch hour.

Could bring this old thought pattern to your new position?

You bet.

Or could you, instead, say to a colleague, “Hi, I’m new and would like to get to know you, and some of the local restaurants, better. Would you like to have lunch one day?”

Could this leave you feeling super exposed? Yep. Could it end with their saying some version of, “No, thanks.”? Absolutely.

And while that might be uncomfortable, it’s not the important thing.

The important thing is that you took a chance on doing a new thing in a new way.


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