What’s Your Wick? (And Is It Lit?)

Yesterday I went to light a candle, only to discover it had no wick.


I moved along to another candle, but it got me thinking:

How many of us are operating like candles without a wick? Without a passion that lights us up—enabling us to offer beauty, warmth, or inspiration to those around us?

Now I recognize that asking you to be ignited by your passion or purpose in a daily way might be a reach,


I know that if you don’t take time to do some excavating, and manifesting, of the beauty that is within you—that is particular to you—the world will be a darker place.

So, as we head into the last weeks of 2023—that blessed time of year when nobody seems to know what day it is and there is space for self-examination—I’m asking you to think/ruminate/meditate on what lights you up.

Because when you’re lit up, you light up the world.

You can’t be lit without a wick.

Do you know yours?

Is it lit?


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