Stevie Wonder Might “Just” Have Been Calling to Say He Loves You…. For the Rest of Us? It’s Just Not a Great Choice Stevie Wonder Might “Just” Have Been Calling to Say He Loves You…. For the Rest of Us? It’s Just Not a Great Choice Many of you reached out to me… Read More
Anybody Home? : The Freedom We Have When We Have Self Respect One of my heroes died last week: Joan Didion. Famous for her screenplays (“Panic in Needle Park” and Barbra Streisand’s, “A Star is Born”) and her novels, the most well… Read More
You Can Be Gold to Them Thar People If you were a fan of Bugs Bunny growing up (and, really, who wasn’t?) you might remember Yosemite Sam saying, “There’s gold in them thar hills.” You might also remember… Read More
Put Santa Out of Business: Sitting with the Cognitive Dissonance of Both/And Statements As has been exhaustively documented in recent weeks, I’m in a yoga training. During a recent “Yoga and Anti-Racism” segment we discussed the importance of sitting with the discomfort of… Read More
O’Captain, My Captain: The Value of Sitting with Sadness, and Standing in Solidarity The national conversation this week is the tragic suicide of Robin Williams. Rest assured, I don’t have anything of significance to add. Instead, I am sending along the most—to me—thought-provoking… Read More
10 Public Speaking Lessons from the Best and Worst Oscar Speeches in History Some people view sporting events as– well– sporting events. For me, awards shows are sporting events, as there are few things I enjoy more than listening to a good (and… Read More
Mixing Business With Dating Doesn’t Work Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a business negotiation, and suddenly realized that a new element has been – sometimes delicately, sometimes not—added to the mix? And… Read More
WOW Videos on iTunes I’m happy to announce my WOW video series is now LIVE on iTunes. Subscribe to my video podcast series direct from iTunes!… Read More
Tiger Woods Grows ‘Low Rent’ Breakup Goatee for Masters Golf Tournament I was recently quoted in this article re: Tiger Woods: A reformed Tiger Woods debuted his new image at Monday’s Masters press conference, shedding some insight on his improved… Read More
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