O’Captain, My Captain: The Value of Sitting with Sadness, and Standing in Solidarity

The national conversation this week is the tragic suicide of Robin Williams. Rest assured, I don’t have anything of significance to add. Instead, I am sending along the most—to me—thought-provoking pieces I read. Pieces that reminded me that as much as we might want to make sense of a tragedy of this kind in order to help ourselves process what has occurred, that is not possible. There is no making sense of tragedy. There is only sitting with the sadness; remembering that during times like these, holding space for others to think what they need to think, and feel what they need to feel is a gift we can give one another.

Also below, the iconic scene from the movie, Dead Poets Society, that exemplifies the beauty of standing together in solidarity with those who are left behind: O’Captain, my Captain, you will be missed.

With love,

Frances Coles Jones

There’s Nothing Selfish About Suicide

 Robin Williams’s death: a reminder that suicide and depression are not selfish

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