The Unsung Benefits—and Blessings—of Consistency Recently, I’ve been wondering when consistency (and its chums: reliability, dependability, and predictability) became a dirty word. And why spontaneity, surprise, and impulsivity are so prized. Now, I admit Consistency… Read More
Swap + Add: What Could You Give Birth To? Mid-January, I realized would be turning 60 in 9 months. “Hmmm….” I thought, “nine months. What if I took on a nine-month gestation project?” Because I know that new habits… Read More
Beware the Nocebo Effect This past weekend I was introduced to The Nocebo Effect, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Like many of you, I was aware of the Placebo… Read More
Dis Your Distraction: Do Less, Be More This past weekend I went for a beach run with Dolly, my hound, and Pruitt, a delightful Corgi. As Dolly’s modus operandi is to vanish within seconds of arriving and… Read More
Congratulations! You Won Tried!!! These past weeks I have been giving thought to both my family of origin’s—and our culture’s—attitude toward trying. Regarding my family, I have realized that not only were we to… Read More
How to Talk (Effectively) with Your Doctor A few weeks ago, I was asked to be on “The Physician’s Guide to Doctoring” podcast. The host’s intention was for me to help doctors communicate more effectively with their… Read More
It’s 2024: Ask for (and Offer) Direction—Not DirectionS Hello! It’s lovely to reconnect. If you’ve been in the Wow-world for a bit, you know I pick a theme for each year. (Last year was decreed a “one-touch” year… Read More
What’s Your Wick? (And Is It Lit?) Yesterday I went to light a candle, only to discover it had no wick. Hhhmmm…. I moved along to another candle, but it got me thinking: How many of us… Read More
Before You ‘Do’ Another Holiday, What Kind of Perfectionist Are You? (Messy, Classic, Procrastinating…) With one holiday behind us and many more looming, it can be easy to fall into the ‘doing’ of the holidays, rather than their celebration. (As a side note: The… Read More
Grandiosity vs Shame: What Happens When One Gets Swapped In for the Other? This past week I read a book titled, “Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity.” Let’s leave my thoughts on the book entirely to one side. The thrust of this… Read More