Is More Pot the Answer? (What Was the Question?)

It’s possible that some of you read today’s headline and thought, “The Wow-world had taken a turn for the weird.”

Not yet.

Today, I’m writing about moments in your career, your relationship, your life when—like a plant– you need room to grow.

But that necessity isn’t comfortable, or easy.

Why is this top of mind? 

Two reasons: one, this past weekend Keith and I transplanted 4 trees (Photos, above) and two, a recent expansion of my professional role, while necessary, has left me feeling uprooted. 

Growth spurts are awkward.

How did I mitigate this for our trees—and myself?  And how can it be mitigated for you?

First:  Have a clear notion of how much you need/want to expand. Yes, it can be scary/overwhelming but if you’re not thinking big enough, you’ll need more pot before you know it. 

Second: don’t abandon all that’s familiar. For the trees, this meant re-potting each with some its former soil. For people, this means taking inventory of skills/habits/mentors that have anchored you in earlier incarnations and bringing those with you.

Third: ensure appropriate nourishment. In plant terms: this means a correct mix of Miracle Gro/compost. In people terms, this means ensuring your new challenges nourish you—without overwhelming you– while you get your bearings.

Finally, remember (and if you aren’t a gardening-type, take my word for it): almost every plant looks half dead after it’s transplanted. 

Be kind to yourself. 

You’ll grow into that pot before you know it. 

For more lessons from the garden, look at “Let it Grow, Let it Grow”.