The Unsung Benefits—and Blessings—of Consistency

Recently, I’ve been wondering when consistency (and its chums: reliability, dependability, and predictability) became a dirty word.

And why spontaneity, surprise, and impulsivity are so prized.

Now, I admit Consistency and Co. are prized when it comes to transportation—we like our trains, planes, and automobiles to run smoothly and on time.

We also pay lip service to consistency when we discuss managing dogs and young children.

We don’t, however, seem to find it desirable in adults.

(Hence the popularity of dating profiles that answer the question, “What two things can’t you live without?” with answers along the lines of, “My passport—and my hyena.”)

What keeps the value of consistency top of mind for me?

Well—as has been noted—my hound necessitates daily beach walks.

Because I am there every dang day, my sea glass collection has grown exponentially. (The picture, above, is a small portion.)

Yet, I hear friends say, “I never find sea glass anymore….”

Um…hit the beach in the sun, rain, wind, snow, and your glass collection will rival mine.

It’s a small pleasure—and small pleasures have benefits.

Do I also pick up an inordinate amount of garbage on these walks? You betcha (My personal name for that activity is “Plastic Parkour”: run as fast as you can toward rubbish and snatch it up—it’s remarkably satisfying.)

How does this relate to day-to-day living?

Well, if you decide to make consistency sexy in any capacity—for example, consistently returning emails, consistently refraining from gossip, consistently setting aside time for family—what benefits might you discover?

It’s hard to know until you start.

And while you’re sure to sort through some garbage, you might also accrue—over time—a treasure trove of blessings.


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