2 People Meet = 6 People Present: What to Do When You’re Perplexed, Agitated, or Aggravated by Those Around You This past week my attention was caught by a quote from psychologist and philosopher, William James: “Whenever two people meet, there are really six people present. There is each man… Read More
Anatomy of a Crummy Apology (and How it Could Be Improved) I write a lot about apologizing because I think it is an important, and under-rated skill. Important because—when done well—apologies cause people to forgive: to give as they did before.… Read More
What Would Success Look Like? As some of you may remember, in 2019 I spent time training at the Edward Lowe Foundation. Among the many things I learned was the value of asking clarifying questions… Read More
Catalyze Complaints: Turn Your Complaints (and Others’) into Coping, Calm, or Conquest If your days are anything like mine, it’s possible that you run through a daily internal—or external—litany of complaints… your job is making you nutty, your family is unappreciative, your… Read More
Put Santa Out of Business: Sitting with the Cognitive Dissonance of Both/And Statements As has been exhaustively documented in recent weeks, I’m in a yoga training. During a recent “Yoga and Anti-Racism” segment we discussed the importance of sitting with the discomfort of… Read More
Be Source, Not Result: Press Pause on Shame, Anxiety, and Regret Few things are as pleasing as when my “yoga world” and my “business world” intersect in an overt way, as they did last week. Here’s what occurred: I met with… Read More
“You Can’t Make an Entrance if You Never Leave” This past week I was listening to an interview with Chris Rock during which he mentioned a piece of advice he had received from Lorne Michaels, “You can’t make an… Read More
“That’s Not My Problem” & Other Customer Service Missteps Should you be having a birthday, and be anywhere in my vicinity, I will happily be in charge of getting you a cake. (I am all about birthday cake. It… Read More
“There are Years that Ask Questions and Years that Answer” We’ve all had years that have asked us questions: we’ve gotten married or divorced, a parent has died, we’ve lost a job, illness has manifested, children have arrived… But I’m… Read More
Gratitude = Grease Hello Wow-types, I received lots of feedback on last week’s post. Many of you loved the idea of not having to educate others about how they could be less hideous.… Read More