“Ask Yourself the Following Question, but Do Not Answer…”

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I started my yoga therapy training.

One guided meditation we do again and again, (after some guided movement) is,

“Ask yourself the following question [insert question here] but do not answer…”

Why is this useful? (Not to mention surprisingly difficult). 

Because it turns out that the same way our surface physical muscles often keep us from activating our (stronger) core muscles, our surface thought patterns often keep us from activating our (stronger) core mental muscles.

(I notice this when I rollerblade—hence the photo—it takes about 3 miles before my surface muscles give in and let my core take over….)

Why is this meaningful?

Because when we problem solve from our surface muscles—our patterns—we tend to end up with the same results. 

So, the next time you find yourself in a quandary/at an impasse/ frustrated by a seemingly intractable situation, ask yourself,

“What is the next, right step I can take to resolve this?”

Then do not answer…..

(You see? It’s hard!)


(I know you can do it.)

Move around a little.  

If nothing comes, keep asking. 

There’s no rush. 

(Tire out those surface muscles.)

Stay in the question.

What you are likely to discover is that the less you think about what to do, the more—at your core—you know what to do.


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