Let Them See You Sweat—Welcome 2015!

Hello, hello:

As many of you know, at the beginning of every year I pick a theme to carry me through.

For those of you who remember, the theme for 2014 was “Legs in the Air”: the idea being that I wanted you to show the world your soft underbelly—I asked you to be vulnerable, to take risks, to allow the universe to lavish you with its attentions.

(It seems I took my own advice as I got married in 2014—b.e.s.t.  i.d.e.a.  e.v.e.r.)

So, what is the theme for 2015? Well, this year I want you to sweat.

“Pardon me?” you may be thinking. Or, perhaps, “No, thank you.”

Before you dismiss the notion, however, I ask you to consider the following: I ask you to consider that the good people of Gillette sold us a bill of goods with their  “Never let them see you sweat” shenanigans.

I ask you to ask yourself, as I’ve been asking myself, “Why? When did it become unacceptable to allow others to see you work at something?”

How did this come up for me? Well, I’ve been working away on some new yoga poses and finding them….what’s the word I’m looking for….impossible? Preposterous? Hilarious?

Here’s what’s been happening: my teacher tells me how to do something; her words go in my ears; my brain computes them; messages are sent to my body and then…..nothing. Nada. Zip.

It’s like I’ve had a stroke—a sweaty stroke.

And, I’ll be frank; I’ve loved it. I’ve loved being thrust back on myself, being pushed to my limit—and failing. I’ve loved – as my brother so colorfully puts it—busting my hump.

All of which got me to thinking:  when did it become unacceptable to try??? When did we become a society that glorifies the effortless and vilifies the effort?

Now, I’m not talking about spending 2015 being less than perfect and letting that all hang out– seen in our media as ‘confessional’ offerings such as “Here’s what it’s like to be a parent—it sucks!” or “Celebrities without makeup!” — I’m talking about giving whatever it is you love your all, regardless of the outcome.

Just for the joy you get from the sweat.