Wow Your Brand: A True Story

There’s a proverb, “Shoemakers’ children go barefoot and doctors’ wives die young”: an old fashioned way of saying that sometimes we are so focused on taking care of our clients that we neglect those closest to us—including ourselves.

Today, I’m writing to say (in the spirit of a pseudo-drama “Jane” magazine piece) this happened to me: a few months ago my marketing manager’s comments finally sank in. I realized my web presence– my brand– was completely scattershot. I had a website for How to Wow, a website for The Wow Factor, a website for Cole Media Management, a blog, an app on iTunes, videos on YouTube, eHow and, profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter…..

My online presence did not wow.

Thankfully, I have a super-deluxe team that was longing to intervene. Consequently, I’m writing today to announce I now have just one site where you will find every single thing related to me: my books, my videos, my company’s information, my newsletter, my app, my speaking engagements, my social media…..You name it, it’s there.

What does this have to do with you? Well, if your online presence is clean and streamlined, not much.

If, however, you have a bit of online messiness, it may be time to gird up your loins (or find someone who is willing to gird theirs up on your behalf) and clean things up.

Because the same way you don’t want a real-time audience to have to work too hard to understand you, you don’t want your online audience to have to work too hard to find you.

Questions/comments? You now know—for sure– where to find me.

Frances Cole Jones