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Interview Wow App


Smart, helpful, and easy to use, the Interview Wow App is your job interview survival kit. It includes:
•  10 (horrific) interview questions and scenarios — and (Snap!) the answers
•  10 do’s and don’ts for Etiquette Excellence (Hint: don’t order the calamari…)
•  9 research questions you must have the answers to (and the answers to those questions.)
•  6 videos (The unprepared interviewer/the passive aggressive interviewer/the ‘by-the-book interviewer; The unprepared interviewee; the overly-anxious interviewee/the too-cool-for-school interviewee)
•  8 ways to Ace an Informational Interview (including how to book it)
•  4 ways to actively Create Camaraderie during your interview (You can have a great interview and blow it waiting for the elevator—here’s how to avoid that)
•  Alert notifications that organize your pre-interview planning into a 72-hour, step-by-step countdown

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Interview Wow App

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User Reviews

This app is what I would like to call, giving back to the US. Well laid out and very helpful, to those who just don’t know how to approach an interview! Great Job!

BJ Thomas

Great app! Very useful

Michal Paulik

It will keep you from looking like a moron, if you have such proclivity, as I do.

Alopecia Prime

This app is a nice guide for those that have never been in this kind of situation.

Denis Rene Perez Lara