What Are You Waiting For? If You Missed Grabbing Opportunity by the Forelock—Grab the Fetlock

Greetings from Croatia!

I spent yesterday in Trogir, Croatia where I particularly enjoyed seeing the statue of the god, Kairos, pictured above.

What is special about Kairos?

According to the www:

“There’s the regular time, chronos, the mundane one that keeps moving. Then there’s kairos, the special occasion, the opportune moment to do something….[it’s the time] where stars are aligned, winds are favorable, and the universe is conspiring in your favor… Kairos, the Greek god of opportunity, is putting his thumb (or finger) on the scale in your favor. What are you waiting for?”

What are you waiting for?

What am I?

Often, I don’t know.

Nonetheless, I second guess myself; I doubt my instincts, I hesitate…

Luckily, it seems Kairos not only has a forelock, he has—as you can see—something that looks a lot like a fetlock: wings on his ankles.

Wings that can be grabbed if you suffer from that half second of hesitation.

At which point, you can grab him from behind.

As a chronic second-guesser, I found this incredibly reassuring.

On the off chance you, too, sometimes second guess yourself, I thought I would send this information along.

To reassure you there’s always time to grab opportunity by the fetlock.


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