Is it Too Hard For You, or Too Hard On You?

Recently, I took a movement class with a very cool fellow named David Wilson (You can find him on Instagram as Oldscoolmoves. He’s fantastic.)

One thing he said that struck me was that he didn’t want our movement practices to be too hard on us.

After which he said,

“Please note: I said too hard on you, not too hard for you.”

What’s the distinction?

In the case of movement practice, he didn’t want us—while moving—thinking things like,

“I’m so stiff…. I should be doing this better…. I used to be able to do this…. What’s wrong with me?…”


Because that’s being too hard on yourself.

And no one wants to continue doing something if they keep being told they’re doing it badly.

This struck me as important to keep in mind as I approach any new activity.

Because if something is (initially) too hard for me, that challenge is fun to accept.

But if I’m being too hard on me, that’s a misery I won’t wish to continue.

On the off chance you feel the same way, I thought I’d send this along.

Will you accept the challenge?