Sacred Mistakes Ahead (and They’re All Mine)

A few weeks ago Salvador Dali contributed the day’s “Wow, That’s a Thought.”

He said,

“Mistakes are almost always of a sacred nature.”

This idea on its own was thought provoking enough to include as a WTAT because I loved the idea of considering the (many) mistakes I have—and continue—to make as “worthy of reverence and respect” (which is part of the etymology of the word ‘sacred’) rather than black holes of soul-sucking shame. (which is how I often hold them.)

Things got even more interesting when a friend sent me the following upon reading Dali’s quote.

He wrote,

“…and one of the few things in this life you can call your very own.”

I have been ruminating on that ever since.


Because while many (most) of us are quick to put our hand in the air when things turn out well, few of us are willing to proudly say,

“Oh that mistake? That one’s MINE.”

But maybe we should.

Because sharing what we did and what we learned might help others realize their mistakes as also worthy of respect.

I’m hoping so, because on my good days I know:

Mistakes are how I learn.

Shame is corrosive.

And—as Fred Rogers taught us—

“Anything mentionable is manageable.”