Having a Grey Day? Keep Your Eyes Peeled

I am lucky to live near the ocean.

Among the joys it offers is a multitude of ‘moods’.

Some days are picture-postcard beautiful.

Some days have a spooky-gloomy beauty.

Regardless of the weather I indulge a lifelong habit of scanning for sea glass.

What inevitably strikes me is how much easier it is to pinpoint glass on grey days.

When the sun is out, everything sparkles and gleams and calls to me; when it’s grim and moody, I come home with far more treasure.

I’m writing about this today not because I think it’s a breakthrough analogy but as a reminder—particularly during April’s variegated weather—that it’s in our darkest moments that we discover opportunities we might have overlooked, friends we didn’t know we had, strength we didn’t know we possessed.

There’s treasure to be discovered during grey days.

Keep your eyes peeled.


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