Don’t Ruin the Whole Load…

While the debate over whether separating laundry into lights and darks is worth doing continues to rage, I thought I would send along the meme, above.


Because while I have no strong stance on separating physical laundry into lights and darks (I happen to do it—but you do you) I agree that sorting our thoughts into lights and darks is worth doing.


I think this concept is one that makes the idea of noticing our thoughts (IOW, meditating) both funny and accessible.

“But I can’t meditate,” I hear a lot. “I can’t stop my thoughts.”


Because meditation is not about stopping your thoughts. It’s about noticing them.

And (ultimately) noticing you are not your thoughts.

In fact, your thoughts are formed from a heady mix of your patterning, your history, your experiences…

You, in fact, are something quite different—and magnificent.

So, the next time you find yourself facing down a laundry basket of ruined thoughts, check to see if one, stray negative thought is the culprit.

Then toss that sucker out and re-wash the load.


For more on the value of noticing—and sorting—your thoughts, look at “4 Shades of Grey: Pain vs. Sensation Desire vs. Craving”