Want to Get Better at Something? Just Don’t Do It

Given that my last post was about “just doing it,” it’s possible that this week’s theme might give you a bit of whiplash.


Because this week I am all about not doing it.

What does that mean?

Here’s an example:

Should your goal for the new year be to improve your balance, working on balancing postures isn’t the best way to get there.

Counter-intuitive, yes?

Also, true.

It turns out that an easier, more effective way to improve your balance is to lie on the floor, with your legs on a chair (as above) and point and flex your feet.


This both strengthens the muscles of the feet and calves AND—because you aren’t worried about tipping over—you give your all to the movement.

In this situation, coming at your goal from a different angle is faster and easier than pounding away at your goal.

How might this apply in a business situation?

Well, when I was working as an assistant in publishing, longing to be full-fledged editor, I discovered taking copyediting and proofreading classes was a far more effective way to reach that goal than slogging through manuscripts or running around town trying to woo agents.


Because the skills and relationships I cultivated doing so went further toward earning me the respect of the higher ups in the industry.

So as you consider your goals for 2023, I recommend taking the weight off of yourself—both mentally and physically—and working around your goal.

Because it might just be an easier and quicker way to reach it.


For more on goal setting take a look at, “Don’t Try to Drink the Ocean: The Importance of Setting 3-Day, 3-Month and 3-Year Goals”