Prep Your Meeting/Presentation Like Your (Very Best) Plandid

Greetings all, 

I hope you had a lovely July 4th holiday.

Here, I spent time with a dear chum (pictured above) during which we had lots of opportunities for “Plandids”

What is a Plandid? 

A Planned Candid, of course!

As you know—even if you don’t do—many people curate their seemingly ‘candid’ photos for social media consumption. 

What we see feels so fresh! So natural! All the while having been so orchestrated! So constructed!

All of which got me thinking—what if the same rigor were applied to meetings and presentations?

What might that look like? 

Taking charge of everything you can control, while leaving yourself open to the magic that occurs when you bring your authentic self to the moment.

Knowing (in excruciating detail) both why the meeting/presentation is important to you AND why it’s important to the person attending. 

(We tend to neglect the second piece… but if you aren’t clear on how you are going to make their life better/easier and/or how you are going to make their dreams come true, I guarantee they won’t listen for long.)

Doing a deep dive on everyone attending AND having an iron grip on mundane details. (What’s the seating?  Lighting? Podium? Microphone? Find out ahead of time.)

Have you factored in timing? 

Not your timing—THEIR timing. 

Are you speaking right before lunch? Everyone is hungry—keep it tight. Right after? Everyone is sleepy—you need to be UP. Are you the only thing between them and the end of the day? Acknowledge that—and let them know you’ll be brief. They will looooove you.

You get the idea.

All the above planning—and so much more—will allow both you AND your audience to relax.

Ensuring good Plandid.


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