You Can Expedite –But Be Ready to Exit

Reality shows took front and center in last week’s Wow and it seems they will this week, too.

Here is the question I received:

How can you approach being directive rather than collaborative in conflict or difficult situations?

If you immediately thought of Top Chef’s “Restaurant Wars” you know where I am going.

If you don’t watch Top Chef, “Restaurant Wars” is the episode where two teams have 24 hours to plan and open a restaurant.

Without fail, the person who steps up to expedite—to manage and lead the team—is the one who gets sent home at the end, regardless of how good their food was.


Because they made the choice to be directive in a difficult situation; they took the responsibility, so they take the fall.

How can this work for you if you would like to take charge in your situation? I recommend saying,

“I’d like to take the lead on this project—and the responsibility that comes with that. If we do well, I will share the credit. If we do poorly, it will be my failure.”

Stated this way, it’s more than likely your team members will let you run with that role.