Write Yourself a Doctor’s Note


A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post titled, “Quit While You’re Behind,” which resonated with lots of you.

Today’s post is a follow up.


Because while there are situations where accepting the limitations of the person or situation is necessary/called for, there are also situations where continuing in the situation is unnecessary/untenable.

It’s possible I was recently in a situation of this kind.

And while it was tempting to tell myself to put up with it, or take the opportunity to educate others about what was upsetting me, I decided I didn’t want to do either of those things.

It wasn’t a good use of my time and energy; and it was unlikely to be a good use of others’.

So I wrote myself a mental “doctor’s note.”

What did that sound like?

“Please excuse Frances from this situation. Frances is sorry it’s not working but it is not Frances’ job to fix it.”

Will that note ever be sent? Nope.

Did it amuse me to write it? You betcha.

In reality, you never need to justify leaving a situation that drains your energy.

You simply say,

“I’m no longer available.”


For additional information on how to recognize/cope with untenable situations, take a look at, “Beware Boardroom Bullying”.