You’re Gonna Wanna Gimme… No, I’m Not

For many of you, this post may seem super-persnickety and/or old fashioned.

I’m OK with that.

What is today’s topic?

My telephone’s desire to change “going to” to “gonna,”  “want to” to “wanna”, “give me” to “gimme”… you get the idea.

I find it incredibly irritating.

Now it’s possible part of the onus falls on me for not enunciating properly when I am recording texts—I accept that—but surely my enunciation isn’t that sloppy?

Topic for another time.

More immediately, why do I find these changes so distressing?

Because they land for me as lazy; right up there with people whom—when sending well wishes—pen, “Congrats.”

Really? You’re happy for me but adding “ulations” would have been too much work? 

I’m not buying it. If you love me, spell it out.

What other abbreviations are on my cold shudders list?

“Apps” for appetizers. “Limo” for limousine. “Hubby” for husband…

You get the idea.

Now, I recognize these are personal choices. At a young age, not everyone was as entranced as I by Henry Higgins.

But as we move into spring—with its frequent, attendant conversation of cleaning things—it seemed like a good time to mention how happy I would be if these grammar grotesqueries were cleaned up.


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