“We Interrupt this Thanksgiving…”

Those of you old enough to recall watching television programs in a scheduled way may remember hearing the announcement, “We interrupt our program to bring you this important message…”

After that, pretty much anything was in play (as is evidenced by my most vivid memory of an interruption: learning that President Reagan had been shot. Yep, I’m old.)

Why am I writing about this today?

Because I’m guessing many of you are feeling, as I am, that this Thanksgiving has been interrupted… that it is unlike any Thanksgiving before, and hopefully, any Thanksgiving to come.

And while it would be easy to focus on all the ways it is different—and not necessarily in a good way—I would like to bring your attention to the below quote from the writer, Jean Paul Richter:

“For sleep, riches and health to be truly enjoyed, they must be interrupted.”

I’m guessing that those of you who have suffered insomnia, financial reversals, and illness know this to be true…

Today, I am writing to suggest we add this Thanksgiving to the list.

And while we could spend this time being sad about all the things we are missing (forgetting that we might also have been grousing about having to travel, cook for a multitude, or spend time with relatives who give us a rash), we can also spend this time giving our full attention to the people we are able to connect with, the food we are able to eat, and the time we have been given to take stock of the things for which we are thankful.

It is my hope that doing so will not only make this Thanksgiving more joyful, but will help to make next Thanksgiving something for which we give heartfelt thanks.

Here in the Wow-world I will be giving thanks for my husband and my canine crew—pictured above—and you.