The Eyes Have It


As you know, “The ayes have it,” is how a majority rule is announced.

This post is about our physical eyes, however—and of the extra work they can do for us in these mask-wearing days.

Because, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, once our mouths (and noses, please) are covered it can be difficult to convey our own—and read others’—emotions.

This is where your eyes—and embracing “smizing”—comes in.

What is “Smizing”?

It is smiling using only your eyes.

Who coined “Smizing”?

Tyra Banks, of America’s Next Top Model, did because she got tired of telling contestants to “Smile only with your eyes.”

(Should you be hesitant about taking business advice from Tyra Banks, consider that her net worth is listed at 90 million dollars so it’s possible she might be on to something.)

How do you “Smize”?

Well in pre-mask-wearing days it was more difficult as you had to pretend the lower half of your face was filled with novocaine.

These days, you can support your smiling eyes by grinning madly under that mask.

Does this really make a difference?

You tell me. In the photo, above, I am only smiling under my mask in the picture on the right.

Which picture do you prefer and—more importantly—why does it matter?

It matters because smiling—even when it can’t be seen—helps others relax, tune in and better “hear” what you’re saying…

It helps them feel closer to you.

Which—I think we can agree—is something we all miss.


For more on what’s possible using your eyes, take a look at this iteration of “The Eyes Have it” (Yes, I enjoy my own word play) from 2016