Present Your Best VIRTUAL Self – Starting Now

These days we are all in the midst of a lot more online meetings and presentations. How can you present your best (virtual) self in these situations?

One way is to have a listen to my recent Communication on Point podcast where you will learn so many different things, including why:

  • You should pre-record your presentation, and watch yourself with the sound off
  • You should begin reading children’s books out loud immediately
  • Your lighting scheme matters (FYI you shouldn’t look like you’re in the witness protection program or just up from growing mushrooms in the basement)
  • Your mirror is your unlikely, best, new colleague
  • You need to check the weather forecast – despite the fact that we’re staying inside
  • And – yes—why I am wearing an eye mask in the photos, above.

I hope you enjoy it! I promise you’ll receive a boatload of information in a quick 30 minutes.

Again, here’s the link and if you have any new, best practices please let me know those, too!


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