Patience, Young Grasshopper, 2020 is Only One Week Old

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve spent the first days of 2020 feeling discombobulated/stressed/blue.

I’m thinking this is partly due to the additional hoopla surrounding this year’s change of calendar (Have you heard??? It’s not just a new year IT’S A NEW DECADE….Ai yai yai.)

And this is partly because I’ve had a head cold and head colds make me slow, stupid, and really, really crabby (My nice husband, on the way out to work on Monday, said, “Good luck, dogs!”)

The combination of these two things has left me feeling inadequate. As if it’s not enough for me to organize, I need to de-clutter. Or, it’s not enough for me to set goals, I also need to set aside time to vision board my goals. Or, it’s not enough for me to eat healthily, I also need to strengthen AND release my hip flexors.

(OK, I got that last one done. The pose in the picture, above, is called “grasshopper,” and it’s heck on your hips.)

The below haiku from Issa beautifully matched my mood:

New Years Day-
Everything is in blossom!
I feel about average.

But then I looked at my calendar and remembered—2020 is only one week old. (Yes, I’m taking liberties with the calendar. I know today is January 9th, but since many of us went back to work on the 2nd, can you give it to me?) There’s plenty of time to fill 2020 with glitz and glitter.

On the off chance that you, too, have been feeling overwhelmed/ineffective/gloomy-as-Eeyore, I am writing to remind you—as we learned (depending on whom you ask) from anyone and everything from Star Wars to Kung Fu to the Karate Kid:

Patience is critical, grasshoppers.

Or—should you prefer being a snail to being a grasshopper—I refer you to another Issa favorite:

Oh snail
Climb Mount Fuji,
But slowly, slowly!


If you’re intrigued by the idea of easing into the new year take a look at “Make Haste Slowly”