Wishing You the Kindest of Holidays

As Hanukkah and Christmas converge and Season’s Greetings fly, “Merry, Happy, Jolly, and Joy” are frequently in play—and all are delightful.

Here in the land of Wow, however, we would like to wish you a kind holiday season.

Why is kindness uppermost in my mind? Because I am feeling very grateful that those around me have been showering me with it this holiday season.

Why have I been in such need?

Well, in addition to the usual kerfuffle the holidays bring, my dearest Seymour (pictured above) has been unwell and this has taken up an insane amount of space in my brain.

In fact—as I told a dear friend—if I were to send holiday cards they would say,

“Even as I wish you a joyous holiday season a significant portion of my brain is monitoring Seymour’s kidneys.”

Is it possible some of you have been feeling the same? Pulled in numerous directions and so, feeling vaguely inadequate, distracted, anxious…and more?

I get it.

In these situations, sometimes the hardest—but the best—gift you can give is to be kind to yourself. To recognize that it is not incumbent on you to make everything perfect for everyone around you.

Alternatively, is it possible that some of you are irritated that those around you can’t seem to locate their holiday spirit? To the point that you have found yourself thinking, “What’s their problem?”

I get that, too…but then I (try to) remind myself that I don’t know what their problem is.

And even if I do (and it still makes no sense to me) I need to remember that it’s super-real to them—and that being kind is the kindest thing I can do.

So whatever the case—whether you are dissatisfied with yourself or with your nearest and dearest—I would ask you to put kindness at the top of your holiday gift list.

Because, to me, it is the most precious present a person can give or receive.

With thanks to all of you for the kindness you have shown me throughout the year.