“The Problem, if You Love It, Is as Beautiful as the Sunset”

Greetings Wow-of-the-Week-ers,

As is the promise of the holiday season, I hope that all is marvelously well in your worlds.

On the off chance that you have—or are concerned about—encountering the flimsiest of difficulties, the tiniest of conflicts, the merest soupcon of stress, I am sending along a quote from one of my favorite philosophers, J. Krishnamurti:

“The problem, if you love it, is as beautiful as the sunset.”


Well, as much as I would love to believe that my holiday season, and yours, will bring nothing but unadulterated joy, love, and merriment, I also recognize that holidays are frequently filled with family, friends, and travel…some of which, from time to time, have been know to cause difficulties, conflict and stress.

Is it possible you have noticed the same thing?

Now, please note, I am not saying it is easy to discover the beauty in these moments.

Which is why the inclusion of love is so critical.

Because if you can slow down long enough to observe what’s occurring– as you might observe a beautiful sunset; and take a few deep breaths—as you might when you watch a beautiful sunset; it’s possible you will find a way to love what’s occurring…just a little.

And, if not, it’s nice to know that, once the sun goes down, tomorrow will be another day.


And if, for whatever reason, you are having a really hard time changing your mindset, check out, “Wanting to Change vs. Wanting to Want to Change”.  It’s a game-changer. Pun intended.