Consider Requesting a Life “With Room”

How many of you have ordered a (very large…) coffee “with room”? Or heard people in line ahead of you doing so?

For those of you who don’t, or haven’t, “with room” is short for “with room for milk and/or sugar”:  making black coffee sweeter and smoother.

What occurred to me the other day – control freak and know-it-all that I am—is how infrequently I arrange for my life to have room for sweetness, or take advantage of things that will add to its smoothness.

And let’s not even talk about (until we do— now seems like a good time…) the possibility of leaving room for the universe to knock my socks off with unexpected sweetness and smoothness.

But as I slowly, slowly accept that I can’t control everything and I don’t know everything, I’m also beginning to accept that people around me want to provide sweetness and smoothness to my life—that they actually like to do it.

Additionally—when I am freaking out about how I am going to make X, Y or Z happen, or thinking to myself, “Well, this is the most I can hope for,”—I’m realizing that I need to remind myself of one of my favorite AlAnon slogans:

“God is not limited by your lack of imagination.”

In other words, I need to leave room sweetness and smoothness—I need to leave room for the miracle.

Is it possible that you do, too?

If so, consider requesting a life “with room.”


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