Think Positively. Plan Negatively. Expect Nothing.

As those of you know, who’ve been getting the Wow for a while, a good portion of the work I do is offering keynote addresses, etc. for various organizations.

When people I meet hear this, they are often curious about how these organizations find me. One way is through the speaker’s bureaus with which I’m affiliated.

Sounds glamorous, yes?


But I’m writing today to let you know that one of those bureaus has been sending out my information since 2016 and that this week was the first time a deal came together.

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s been 3 years.

So why am I writing about this?

To remind you that when you begin to smell the delicious aroma of your dreams coming true, it can be tempting to leave the cooking to someone else —and that can end in severely underdone dreams.

In other words, when I signed with this particular bureau in 2016, it would have been easy to think, “Oh, they’ll take it from here.”

That would not have been the best plan.

Luckily—when it comes to work—I firmly believe in the headline of this article:

Think positively. Plan negatively. Expect nothing.

So, every time I got a request to send information and hold a date, I did, but I never turned down the heat of the efforts I was making elsewhere.

And—this feels important—I didn’t (tried not to) get frustrated. I worked at expecting nothing.

Not my greatest strength.

On the off chance you, too, sometimes struggle with an “Oh what’s the use?” attitude, I thought I’d send along my workplace mantra to help you with whatever you’ve got cooking.


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