Please Don’t “Do” Anything

Fair warning: this is going to be a pet peeve Wow: I have had it with people “doing” things.

What does this mean?

Well, as those of you who were running about in the late 1980’s know, “Let’s do lunch,” became a thing—and then a thing that was mocked.

The trouble twenty years later is that people have forgotten the mockery.

I’m here to bring that back. 

What set me off? A sequence of “do-ers”.

In the past week, I’ve overheard someone telling a bartender, “I’ll do a gin and tonic.”

Then someone telling a waiter, “I’ll do the pasta.”

The straw that broke me, however, was an exchange I heard at the Post Office (so much happens at the Post Office…) 

One person asked another if he had any travel plans. The response?

“We’re going to do Norway.”

I’m out. 

You’re not going to “do” Norway. You’re going to travel there. You are not going to “do” a gin and tonic or pasta. You are going to drink it or eat it. 

And when you order your gin and tonic or your pasta, you can say, “May I please have a gin and tonic” —or pasta, or whatever the heck else makes your heart sing.

Just please, please don’t  “do” it.