How WILL this Webinar Change You? (Find Out for Free Until December 15th)

Greetings Wow-of-the-Week Readers,

Today I’m pleased to be sending along the link to a recent webinar I did with LEADx, the “leading conversational platform for management training.”

Why was I excited to participate in this webinar? Because, as noted, their focus is ‘conversational’—which, let’s face it, is my wheelhouse. (As I’m sure you’ve ascertained, I’m a chatter.) 

What did I talk about?

  • How to use your words, tone and body language to make a lasting impression on clients and employers
  • Techniques you can use to pitch your product, idea, or skill set memorably and persuasively
  • Tools and strategies you can use to handle objections and feel confident in negotiations

Intrigued? Have a listen—but do it soon! The webinar is only free until December 15th. 

Think of it as a holiday present from me to you!

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