“Sell Your Cleverness and Buy Bewilderment”

Many of you may have recognized the above quote by Rumi. It’s always been a favorite of mine but has been feeling particularly apt the last few days during which I have been somewhat blah, somewhat baffled, somewhat restless, somewhat….somewhat.

Could it be the humidity? 

But let’s not get sidetracked by jest, always my fallback. Although humor serves me well when I need to lighten the mood– not to mention help people retain information—it’s also a way to deflect others, not to mention myself, from paying attention to uncomfortable sensations when they bubble up.


Perhaps it’s the perennial restlessness that comes with the back-to-school-time-of-year.

Perhaps it’s because my sister is leaving her teaching career of 20+ years to enter a program where she learns how to train service dogs and I am wildly jealous. (Truly, doesn’t that sound like a fantastic new career?)

Perhaps I’m longing for a new challenge and haven’t yet pinpointed what that might be.

This seems the most likely.

What I have decided, however, is to take this interlude of bewilderment (and humidity) and put it to work on my behalf: to give myself time to get flat, to read, to daydream.

As you see, above, massive amounts of ice cream have also become involved.

On the off chance that you, too, are feeling that combination of summer lassitude and back-to-school anxiety, I thought I would send along the Rumi quote– as ice cream doesn’t travel too well– and a recommendation to take the time to enjoy, rather than judge, a bit of bewilderment.

Should you be interested in getting quiet, consider the 9 Kinds of Silence outlined here.