“You Can Trust Me”…I Trust You NOT

Over the past few weeks, I have been dealing with a number of different service providers: cable companies, curtain manufacturers, washing machine purveyors…handling a few first-world “problems.”

Because I live in a seasonal community, I am not the only person attempting to get everything taken care of in the next two weeks.  

Since I know this, I am sanguine about being told that things are likely to take longer than I hoped.

What sends me around the bend is when people toss around timelines that seem farfetched and then compound the fantasy with, “You can trust me.”

There is no quicker way to get me thinking you’re full of baloney.

What example can I offer? Well, the picture accompanying this post is of my laundry room… 

Can we all agree that I was right to mistrust the gentleman who told me I would receive my washing machine and dryer by the end of April—that I could trust him?

What is my future laundry room full of? Boxes of curtains. Why am I not complaining about the curtain folks? Because I was told when I ordered them that they were not likely to come and install them until the middle of June.

Good business is about good communication. Telling people the truth up front is, in fact, the fastest, easiest way to get them to trust you.

No additional verbiage is needed.

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