Are You the Psychopath in the Office Next Door?

This past week I had a terrific time doing a presentation skills seminar for a client.

Among the topics covered: presenting oneself in person, on the telephone and electronically… which point I shared my thoughts and, often (very)  strong feelings, about the many, many different choices people make when sending emails.

(To give you a bit of insight into how I’m likely to feel about it, I had parents who sent me out of the room at 9 years old when I—confused about which character was which in a grainy Masterpiece Theater series—asked, “Is that him?”  FYI: It should be, “Is that he?” And yes, that is me in the picture, above.)

This is why I found this clip titled, “Friendly Work Emails” from the Baroness Von Sketch show so funny.

While I strongly urge you to watch it, should you not have time to laugh yourself sick, the premise is: how could you possibly send a work email that only includes words—punctuated correctly? What — no emojis? No abreevs?? No exclamation points!!!!!!!!??????

In the face of which the HR person asks, “Are you the psychopath in the office next door?”

If that’s the definition, then yes, that’s me.

I hope this video gives you the same kind of laugh it did me— and provides a great beginning to your Memorial Day Weekend.

For a more in-depth look at what I like—and what makes me crazy about email— take a look at my post, “The Devil’s on Email.”