Don’t Confine the Divine

For those who observe a mid-winter, religious holiday of some kind the last few weeks have likely been hectic: special foods had to be prepared; various decorations needed to be unearthed, dusted off, and displayed; meetings with friends and loved ones took center stage.

With the fa-la-la behind us, it can be easy—and feel relaxing—to say to ourselves, “Phew! That’s over until next year.”

And while I don’t recommend keeping a wreath on your door for spring swallows to nest in, frying up latkes on a humid August afternoon, or attempting to complete the scheduling Rubik’s cube of holiday parties more than once a year, I do recommend holding onto one thing as we leave the holiday season behind:

A belief that the Divine is present in our lives every day, if we can just jiggle our mental kaleidoscope enough to see it.

“How will this “divine” manifest?” you ask.

I’m guessing it will be different for each of us.

“It will be when things X occurs, right?”


“But it will it look like something I haven’t seen before?”

Um… doubtful.

Because I believe the trick, the gift, the joy is to look at our often deeply imperfect, daily lives and begin to recognize what’s beautiful—what is divine– about all their fractured day-to-day funkiness.

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