Would You Like to Expand Your Empire? (Without Leaving Your Desk?)

Dear Wow Readers—and Leaders,

I’m excited because today’s Wow is an invitation!

From November 6th -17th, my friend Emi Kirschner, author of Get Results: Learn the Fast Track to Success in Life and Business is hosting an exciting, online FREE summit: “Grow Your Entrepreneurial Empire Summit” featuring entrepreneurial experts sharing their top strategies on topics such as:

  • How your relationship with money could be impacting your sales
  • How managing your time can improve all areas of your life
  • How to not let fear be your decision-making driver
  • How to maximize your presence both online and in person
  • How to Wow your way into financing your entrepreneurial dreams

Have you guessed which topic I’m speaking on?

Yep, on November 6th I’m giving out the formula for fundraising success.

I’d like to invite you to register for it – not to mention the insanely helpful strategies from 14 other speakers- now.

Again, there is no cost and the information is invaluable.

So sign up, mark your calendars, and tune in!

(All the links will be live through November 19, so don’t fret if you’re not free when the topic you’re longing to learn more about is being discussed. Go ahead and register now.)

To our shared empire-building,