Get Up in Your Own Business

Yes, that’s me in the photo and no it’s not terribly comfortable.

Why am I sending this to you today?

Because what happens on the mat often informs what happens off the mat and this pose always brings up the following idea for me:

You need to get up in your own business.

What do I mean by this?

Well, on the mat (as you might imagine) there’s no way to do this pose without navigating a certain amount of—as noted above—discomfort.

I often, also, get to experience sensations of being ridiculous, off balance, and just the tiniest bit grumpy.

And yet (and this is often accompanied by a sigh) I stay with it.

Similarly, there have been moments in business when I’ve had the opportunity to experience sensations of ridiculousness, lack of balance, and just the mildest flutters of rage.

But I try to stay with them.

Why? Because if I’m not willing to look at myself, or a situation, clearly there is no way I’m going to bring clarity to mastering or solving or navigating what is occurring.

And the same way you can’t outsource those yoga poses you don’t enjoy– there are no pinch hitters in yoga—you can’t outsource looking at the kookiness or the divisiveness or the messiness that might be occurring in your business.

Because if you’re not willing to look at it clearly—who will?