Don’t Think You Can’t Contribute to a Masterpiece

I’ve been lucky enough to spend this past week in Rome, where a close friend arranged a private tour of the Vatican.

Within the splendor of the Vatican museum, I saw the gentleman pictured above, left, working quietly on repainting a doorframe.

(We also saw someone with a very, very, very long-handled feather duster dusting the Pope’s private chapel, above right, but I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture of that.)

All of which got me thinking about how even a masterpiece needs care and upkeep; attention to detail and a willingness to manage minutiae.

So the next time you think someone else’s idea is so good, or their project is so complete, or their plan is so final that there’s no room for you to contribute, think again.

Because even when things are undisputable in their gloriousness, they can still benefit from what you have to offer.