Abandon Plan B: Ed Sheeran’s Formula for Success

This past week I heard Ed Sheeran interviewed on the Howard Stern show.

Regardless of what you may think of Mr. Sheeran’s music, I found one idea he mentioned regarding success to be interesting.

When asked by Mr. Stern about what it had been like to sleep on this person’s couch or that person’s couch while waiting for his big break, he said,

“I didn’t have a Plan B…and I’ve noticed that about a lot of successful people. If all you have is Plan A, you stick to your plan no matter how tough it gets.”

While not exactly the “risk-sponsible attitude I endorsed a few weeks ago, I have to agree that to a point, Mr. Sheeran has a point.

Why? Because becoming successful isn’t a bed of roses/a walk in the park/rainbows and unicorns/insert your cliché here.

It’s an overwhelming slog of hard work.

And in moments when things are hideous, Plan B can look mighty tempting.

So, I am challenging myself to remind myself of this mindset when I want to give up—and I challenge you to do the same:

Abandon Plan B and see if your focus on Plan A improves.

And– as always– do let me know how your plans are going.