Position Yourself for Promotion

It’s February – how’s 2017 going for you?

If your world has been anything like mine, January was a bit of a blur.

In the interest, then, of getting the most out of the remainder of this year here is a link to my most recent Art of Manliness podcast where I discuss how to set yourself up for promotion in 2017.

Show highlights include:

  • The groundwork that should be done before asking for a promotion
  • Your do’s and don’ts of preparing to ask for a raise and/or promotion
  • How good social skills can give you a leg up in the office
  • The paradoxical nature of giving credit to your coworkers
  • Why a performance review is the most important piece of you getting a raise/promotion
  • The importance of having specifics in mind when asking for raises/promotions
  • How to impress after poor performance in the past or bad first impressions
  • How to come up with a number to present when asking for a raise
  • How to handle being told “no” when asking for a raise/promotion
  • Should you be networking and inquiring about other jobs in the midst of all this?

If you’re intrigued have a listen here.

If you’re not, consider that asking for a promotion is both a “do” and a “don’t”…. intrigued now? Listen here.

With all my best wishes for your success in 2017.