Are You Sending Mixed Messages?

This week’s “Wow” photo comes from a local Stop sign that—in context—makes perfect sense: it is located at the exit to a nearby garden center; hence, it’s green.

Seeing it today got me thinking, however, about all the different ways we send mixed messages: to others and to ourselves.

For example, have any of you received a cover letter stating that the applicant ‘was a detail person’ only to notice their communication was full of typos? 

(Alternatively, have any of you thought of yourself this way and then sent out something riddled with errors? It’s possible this has happened here…)

Or do any of you have a friend who prides themselves on their communication skills but somehow—no matter what story you tell—their response is, “When that happened to ME, I did this….”

(Alternatively, do any of you think of yourselves as a great listener while still matching your friends story for story? It’s possible this has occurred here…)

On a more subtle level, have any of you exclaimed, “That sounds like so much fun!” as your friend described a recent activity only to be horrified when you were invited to participate?  

(For the record this is why I stick to, “It sounds like you had so much fun!”)

And, on a subtler level still, have any of you ever ordered a dessert only to find yourself exclaiming, “I shouldn’t be doing this!” as you dig in? Personally, I have to believe this particular mixed message is quite confusing to your body.

(For the record, this is why I only recommend saying, “Yum!” when the banana split turns up….this always happens here.)