Abundance in One, Easy Step

As summer draws to a close, many of us are feeling hot, tired and—frankly—grumpy. Our bathing suits are faded, our T-shirts are stained, and our flip-flops are broken. We are ready for cool nights, thick sweaters and (Noooooooooo….) some of us are even ready for pumpkin spice lattes…

Minus the pumpkin spice lattes, it’s possible I was feeling like one of these people.

It was in a moment like this that I received my newsletter from the Get In Touch Foundation that included the following quote:

Celebrate even the tiniest success and joy. It will lead to a mindset of abundance, and your life will begin to reflect this.

Mary Ann Wasil (1964-2016)

As some of you may remember from my April 28 blog post, Mary Ann was a friend who passed away this past spring of breast cancer.

Mary Ann’s beautiful reminder struck me as words to live by anytime—but particularly this coming weekend.

Because even though many of us are likely to have our next few days and nights filled with an abundance of food and friends, it would be easy to overlook the beauty of these moments in our anticipation of the delights of the fall season.

So I thought I would use this newsletter to remind you (and me!) to pause: to celebrate every tiny success and joy of this holiday weekend.

And beyond.

To our shared abundance,

Frances Jones Cole signature