Please Stop Man-Bashing

On April 20th, an op-ed titled “How to Explain Mansplaining” appeared in the New York Times, and I have to say I found it…well, my thoughts ranged from ‘unacceptable’ to ‘yuck’.

Let me be more specific.

The opinion the author, Julia Baird, was offering was that many men speak in what she refers to as ‘manologues’: a term she defines as offering extensive opinions on subjects in which others are less interested.

Like the term “mansplaining” (and b/t/w “manspread”), I found the term “manologue” offensive.

Why is it okay to denigrate anyone for explaining something differently to how you might? Do we not have enough problems in this world with what some people are saying without starting in on how they are saying it?

And while I am not naïve enough not to have noticed that some of the differences in the way men and women are treated in this world need to be addressed (pay inequity…), does it improve anything to create derogatory terms for one another?

In my opinion, it does not.

I look forward to hearing your opinion—in any length you choose.

Frances Jones Cole signature