Get Your Wow On (for Only $1!)

As some of you may remember, last spring I had the opportunity to put together a 7-day Wow workshop with popexpert.

I’m writing today to let you know that popexpert is re-offering the workshop this spring and has put together a new, very cool trial offer for people who want to get involved right now. Sign up here– Online Workshop — by March 5 and you will get the first 2 days of Wow for just $1.

What does the workshop include? 7 days of videos from me covering everything from how to:

  • interview fearlessly and flawlessly
  • run an effective online meeting or interview.
  • take the bored out of your boardroom
  • discover why your emails may not be getting opened (and what to do if you don’t want to open others’)
  • and far more!

It also includes daily readings and exercises that reinforce the day’s video.

Very nice, right? Very generous of popexpert: Trial Access that lets you check out the first 2 days of everything my course has to offer for just $1.

So if you’re ready to knock your interviewer’s socks off, blow your boss’ dress up, or sell your way to superstardom, let me know.

I’m ready to help you get your Wow on.