How to Get Buy In from Others: What We all Can Learn from Fashion Police

Yes, it’s true– that headline was not a mistake. Regardless of whether you believe they contribute to, or detract from, a fashion conversation the producers of Fashion Police can teach us all a thing or two about getting buy in from others.

Here’s what I mean:

For those of you who don’t follow celebrity gossip (or claim you don’t….) the star of Fashion Police was Joan Rivers and Joan Rivers (very sadly) died this fall. This left Fashion Police in a dicey situation.

What they’ve chosen to do is clever.

They replaced Ms. Rivers with Kathy Griffin. Also funny (to some—as Ms. Rivers was funny to some) but not known for her fashion expertise.

What to do?

They turned to you, the viewer.

In a departure from the former format of the show—where her fellow Fashion Police would offer their choices for best and worst looks and Ms. Rivers had ultimate veto power—the show now has viewers making those ‘ultimate decisions’.  (For those who wish to watch, here’s a clip.  Warning: as with so many things, FP is not for everybody…)

What this has done is to ensure that those who might have been waffling about continuing to view due to concern about Ms. Griffin’s fashion credentials (Hey, everybody has different concerns) are now securely sucked back in.

How can this apply to you? Well, the next time you need others’ buy in, involve them in your decision-making. Give them a vote! Factor in their opinion—even if you don’t take it, ask for it. (And if you don’t take it, give them the “because” behind why you chose to go another direction.)

Because making that effort is the fastest, easiest way to get others to buy in.