Wow—it’s a TEDx Talk!

Hello, hello:

As some of you may remember, I participated in a TEDx event in Colorado Springs a few weeks ago.

Today, I’m excited to be sending along the results of the day—10 minutes and 32 seconds that I hope will wow you:

Should you require something along the lines of a “preview of coming attractions”, my 10 minutes + includes how to:

  • Incorporate the most persuasive word in the English language
  • Increase the possibility of cooperation from 60 to 94%
  • Add an ‘egg’ to any situation—which always improves matters
  • Get through “How do you do…” without it becoming a don’t
  • Knock your next phone call out of the park
  • Stand to convey authority
  • Sit to ensure others’ trust

And—if you can believe it—much more!

Please have a watch and a listen and do let me know what you think.

With thanks, as always,