Clairaudience: How to Hear What’s Not Being Said

Many of us have heard of clairvoyance: the gift of being able to see what isn’t visible to others. Less attention has been given to clairaudience: the gift of being able to hear what isn’t said by others.

But it’s a mighty skill set—and one I try to use every day. It’s invaluable for work and, frankly, invaluable with friends.

(Please note: I’m not saying I’m good at it—I’m just saying I try to use it.)

So how does one develop their clairaudience? I’ve found it helpful to listen for a few of the following elements:

  1. For the way it’s “supposed” to be
  2. For the dream
  3. For the fib (to you or to themselves)
  4. For what’s missing
  5. For what’s non-negotiable

In my experience, fine-tuning your listening for these five elements allows you to ‘hear’ far more than what is being said.

Once you have that information you can choose whether (or not!) you want to address what’s unspoken.

Regardless of which choice you make, however, I guarantee your response will be clearer.

Happy listening!

Frances Cole Jones